Keeping our tenants safe is paramount and providing a high standard of security is a core aspect of the service we provide.

Our ‘Sheltered Village’ on the Queenshill Estate (composed of Sheila Saunders Lawn, Skyte House and Stonegate Way) is the largest group of Sheltered Housing flats that we have to offer. This is why we have recently taken steps to increase the levels of security and control of who can enter these Sheltered Housing schemes.

From early spring, we began making the first steps to review our fob access system and purge old, outdated fobs, and users of those fobs who should no longer have access. Starting with Sheila Saunders Lawn, we re-issued every single tenant’s fob in April as well as re-issuing all visitors fobs.

Visitor fobs are now reserved for family members only – carers and other visitors will now have to use the intercom or contact the Housing Support Workers to gain entry into buildings.

There are now plans to continue with this process and make the same changes to Skyte House in the coming months, and then Stonegate Way. Tenants of these schemes will be contacted and kept up to date at all times with what is happening and what they should do.