The Board of Leeds Jewish Housing Association have spent significant time over many months considering the options for High Moor Close.

As a result of thorough consultations with High Moor Close residents, the Board of Management have reached the conclusion that the Association should look to sell High Moor Close and have asked that this process commences over the next few months.

The extremely difficult decision was made in late December due to a variety of reasons.

LJHA has seen demand for certain properties diminish over the last few years with some of our schemes becoming less attractive to members of the community.


High Moor Close has the lowest number of people on our waiting list.
In addition to this, the cost of refurbishment is substantial and LJHA, like other housing associations, is unable to attract the level of funding required through charitable contributions.

When we do refurbish the properties the flats in High Moor Close cost far more to upgrade than any other. As you may know the properties were built at a time where asbestos was used. When we refurbish properties we have to engage with specialist contractors to handle this asbestos, increasing the costs of a refurbishment by thousands of pounds.

These are just a few of the reasons that led to the decision that was made by the Board of Management.
The sale is due to commence in approximately Spring 2018 however nothing has been agreed on yet, once any sale has been formalised residents will be informed.

High Moor Close tenants will be regularly updated on the process of the sale as it develops.

We would also like to thank all High Moor Close tenants for providing feedback over the consultation period. If you require more information, please contact the Housing Manager, Liz Miller on 0113 320 7777.