Following advice from both the police and CST, LJHA has recently completed a thorough audit of the fob access system that grants access to the Queenshill Sheltered Village.

Sheila Saunders Lawn, Skyte House and Stonegate Way tenants will all have had their fobs reissued and all visitors are now logged on a system that allows us to keep track of who is accessing these buildings. This helps us to make sure nobody is accessing the building when they shouldn’t be.

The purpose of this is to provide the tenants living in these buildings with the best possible security as this limits access to only those people that require it.

Tenant fobs allow tenants to move between these buildings to attend events and activities, while visitor fobs only allow visitors to access the building of the tenant they are visiting.

Carers and cleaners are now no longer issued fobs that access the front door of the building; instead they are to request access to the building via the intercom and to call the tenant or Housing Support Workers.

If you require any visitor fobs to be created, you can request a ‘Visitor Fob Request Form’ from either the Housing Support Workers or our reception.

We will always remain vigilant and do our best to keep tenants safe and this exercise has been a step in the right direction for maintaining the best possible security measures that we can.

Can we also remind you that you should only allow people to access the building that you know. This means do not open the main door of the building from your flat until you know who it is. When entering the building, please be vigilant and if you feel safe to do so, ask people who may be following you in to use the intercom to contact the tenant they are there to see.

If in doubt please contact a Housing Support Worker.