Information from Leeds City Council:

From 6 April 2016 all dogs over eight weeks old must be microchipped and the details stored on the
microchip database must be up to date.
We are calling on all dog owners and breeders to ensure their dogs are chipped if they aren’t already and to check correct details are registered with the appropriate microchip database.

Leeds City Council recognises that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible owners who clean up after their dogs and keep them under proper control.
However there is a minority of people who do not act responsibly and this creates a number of problems and concerns which residents have asked the council to deal with.
The council has drawn up certain Orders as part of the responsible dog ownership scheme.
The orders require a person responsible for a dog to:

  • Pick up dog faeces left by a dog at all times.
  • Keep dogs on leads in designated areas.
    (In Leeds this includes all roads, pavements and footpaths
    (including gated alleyways) next to carriageways, as well as cemeteries, crematoria and some specialist public gardens.)
  • Put dogs on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer.
  • Ensure dogs do not enter designated exclusion areas.
    (Dog exclusion areas include children’s playgrounds, some sports courts, remembrance and wildlife gardens, and many school grounds)
  • Limit the number of dogs walked to a maximum of four at a time.
    We believe that this is a reasonable number as the person responsible for the dogs could find it difficult to control more than four dogs.
    The exception to this rule is professional dog walkers who are allowed to walk up to six

This is just an overview – more information can be found on their website: