Facing the Beast from the East

March 1st was certainly exciting day for Purim this year at LJHA. Purim festivities still continued within our community while under the full seige of the “Beast from the East”. The storm has been battering the UK with snow and bitter winds that surprisingly didn’t stop community spirit prevailing.

Purim Festivities

Some staff attended work in fancy dress outfits in the spirit of Purim this year. Pictured below from left to right:

fancy dress

LJHA staff gather in fancy dress in the reception

Craig Simons (Interim Chief Executive), Shakel Malik (Housing Officer), Liz Miller (Housing Manager), Karen Woldman (Sheltered Housing Manager), Susan Portland (PA to CEO/ Home Assessment Officer), Zak Warren (IT & Finance Administrator)

In the Stonegate Way Lounge, Rabbi Shlomi Cohen held a Megilla reading for staff and tenants in an inflatable suit!

megilla reading

Rabbi Shlomi Cohen gives a Megilla reading to staff and tenants in Stonegate Way

Donations made by tenants, staff and visitors for a selected charity were placed into a bucket in Stonegate Way. Over the course of the day the LJHA staff, visitors and tenants raised £50 to be sent to St Georges Crypt in Leeds, who work with the homeless, the vulnerable and those suffering from addiction.

Supply Run!

Staff arrived at the office on Thursday morning, after battling through the second day of heavy snow and decided something should be done for those who weren’t as able to get out of the house. Members of staff were allocated sheltered tenants and vulnerable tenants we felt could require help like shopping for basic supplies to last the next few days. After a morning of ringing around, the staff compiled a shopping list and got to work buying and delivering hundreds of items such as bread, milk and eggs to tenants across various schemes.


Staff spent the morning calling all vulnerable tenants

Delivery Days

The Beast from the East certainly picked the most inconvenient time to barrage Leeds with snow. On Wednesday 28th February LJHA staff set out to deliver @HOME 14 newsletters as well as letters informing tenants of changes to rent and service charges this year. With 483 properties in our stock this means over 900 items were delivered. The deliveries were made across all sites by hand by staff members despite the harsh weather.