LJHA are pleased to welcome a new family to the Queenshill estate. The Nuuman family arrived in October. Sinan and his wife Dena had been living in York whilst Sinan completed his PhD in electronics.

They left northern Iraq in 2012 & were unable to return due to hate crimes in the area. They sought asylum in the UK and Sinan looked for work alongside his
education to support his family of 4, including his wife Dena and two lovely daughters, Yara (now 7) and Liza (17 months).

Through the liberal community, they were informed of LJHA and they
enquired about assistance in housing. Mid October they were given the keys to a family home on the Queenshill estate and are very pleased with their new house.


The Nuuman Family from left to right – Yara, Sinan, Dena, Liza.

As his education is coming to an end, Sinan is seeking work and would be grateful of any contacts. Yara has been sucessful at securing a half time place at Brodetsky Primary School, as her mother Dena is keen for her to have a Jewish education.