Three Leeds Jewish community organisations are in talks about the future of older people’s housing, welfare and care provision. A group comprising of members of the Boards and Executive teams from the Leeds Jewish Housing Association, Leeds Jewish Welfare Board and Donisthorpe Hall are exploring what services are needed for the community in respect of older persons housing and care needs now and into the future. The three organisations are able to combine their skills, knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions for all levels of housing and care needs and deliver models for the future.

Kate Pearlman-Shaw, Chair of LJHA said; “we are working on developing a vision and an older person’s strategy for the future which sees housing, health and social care becoming more integrated. It is about future proofing for our community and ensuring we have the right range of services available to meet people’s needs as they become older”.

Russell Manning, Chair of LJWB said; “there are some very exciting and interesting models of integrated housing, care and support which have evolved over the last ten years across the UK and further afield allowing people to remain independently in their own homes with a range of care and health support provided to enable this to happen and this is something we are keen to explore”.

Robert Ross, Chair of Donisthorpe Hall said; “we are excited to be having talks with our partner organisations at LJHA & LJWB as the social and residential care sectors face challenging times and we are keen to explore innovative ways of working to ensure older people in our community receive the high quality services they deserve to help live their lives well in their old age. As the needs of our community change, we want to be working together to make best use of our resources to deliver the best care”.

Meetings are continuing over the summer and the combined group expect to be able to share their thinking and involve the wider community in the autumn.