LJHA have been working in collaboration with CST to obtain funding for CCTV to be installed on the Queenshill Estate. CST have agreed to support LJHA and not only are they paying for the installation, but will also monitor the cameras at their central office at CST headquarters in London 24/7.

Many tenants have asked over the years for us to install CCTV for:

  • Fear of targeting as a Jewish Community
  • Break-ins/Attempted Break-ins
  • Rubbish Dumping
  • Clearing of properties
  • Anti Social Behaviour

This is an overall increase in general security, which has been highly requested by tenants to help keep their neighbourhood safe. CST provided the following information about the importance and monitoring of the CCTV:

CST is a registered charity that provides security for Jewish communities across the UK, working in close partnership with communal organisations and Police.

The CST security control room in its main London building is now connected to hundreds of Jewish locations across the country, any of which can be accessed by CCTV footage or special radio. The CCTV feeds are monitored 24 hrs per day, seven days per week.
If necessary, CST can also bring up architectural plans of buildings for use in an emergency. At times of heightened threat, Police join CST in the control room and security operations are run from there.

This has excellent benefits for general security against crime or against anti-semitism and help prevent dumping & anti-social behaviour.


Remember – in an emergency always dial 999, before contacting CST on: 0800 032 3263