The Fraud and Financial crime pages on the West Yorkshire Police site have had an overhaul and contain some really good messages for you to share amongst your families and friends.

Fraud, unlike some other crimes is one that the more you know about it the less likely you are of being a victim. Fraud does not discriminate, although there is evidence that the elderly are more likely to be targeted in some areas, the young can also fall to certain types of Fraud.

The pages give advice on the latest Fraud types, the information is invaluable to discuss at Neighbourhood Watch meetings, PACT meetings or just between yourselves.

At a time when many of us are spending more time online due to the circumstances and the COVID 19 outbreak is an excuse for some of the less desirable in our society to try different scare tactics, it is important everyone stays ahead of the game. There are links to many other useful organisations all providing assistance.

Most of us will know someone who cannot or will not use a computer, phone or tablet so it is very important to share it, print it for them. Many people refuse to speak about being the victim of fraud due to embarassment. Its down to us to ask and inform.

Click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser.

https://www.westyorkshire. financial-crime/fraud-and- financial-crime

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Paul Denison (Police , Crime Prevention Officer , West Yorkshire )