Following last week’s visit from our Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, Richard Armstead, as well as previous communications in the last few weeks, a few reminders to residents and visitors.

West Yorkshire Police

Both the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), and West Yorkshire Police more broadly, are working hard to keep the Jewish community safe. There are regular PCSO (Police Community Support Officers) and vehicle patrols in the Alwoodley and Moortown areas, particularly near to communal buildings. In addition, there is a small dedicated team of officers who are going to be working within the community in order to provide a reassuring presence, as well as being able to respond quickly to any reports of antisemitic incidents.

West Yorkshire Police are also supporting communal organisations with any large-scale events which may be taking place, such as the recent vigils in Leeds City Centre.

CST (Community Security Trust)

CST are working in close partnership with the police, government and all of our communal organisations, doing everything that we can to secure the well-being of the Jewish community. As well as an increased presence at communal events, CST staff are liaising regularly with the NPT and other police departments to share information and deal with any incidents.

In short, both West Yorkshire Police and the CST are working around the clock to keep us all safe and secure.

What are LJHA doing?

As well as being in contact with the police and CST on a regular basis, we already have a number of security measures in place at our buildings. As well as CCTV coverage at the majority of our locations, our team have received a briefing from CST to refresh our knowledge of security procedures. We also have a radio device which is connected to CST.

Our Sheltered Housing Team are fully aware of which care agencies visit our sheltered locations on a regular basis, and we also challenging people to ask them their purpose for visiting us.

What can you do?

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Whilst the police, CST and LJHA are doing all we can to keep everyone safe, there are a few things that you, as residents, can do.

  • Please keep all communal doors closed and locked.
  • Do not let anyone into communal buildings unless you are expecting them. Do not let someone into the building if they are asking for someone else.
  • Do not allow anyone to follow you into a communal building unless you know who they are.
  • Do not accept any parcels unless the parcel is for you.
  • Be alert for suspicious people, vehicles and packages
  • If you have any concerns, or see or hear something, please contact the LJHA office during office hours. You can also contact the CST office on 0113 237 1980. In an emergency, please call 999.


Please let us reassure you that as residents of a housing association in the heart of the Jewish community, we understand that you will all be feeling worried at this time. We hope that the advice provided by Inspector Armstead and the information in this letter reassures you.

If you are worried and would like to discuss it, there are a number of ways to do this both within the community and externally which we can let you know more about. If you are concerned and would like to speak about this, please do get in touch.