Monica Cooper, one of our sheltered housing residents, has written this inspirational poem. Called ‘Love is in the Air’.

Thank you Monica for taking the time to write this and for offering hope and love!


At this time of year we should vibrate love

And send it out on the wings of a dove

All over the world there has been great trauma

So our hearts should be much warmer

It’s time for caring and sharing with all the people

Shouting it from the highest steeple

It has been a year to open ones eyes

2020 has certainly been a surprise

With worry, hunger, fear and being alone

Make sure your always at the end of a phone

So as I said everyone should open their heart

And lets hope that next year will start

With thoughts of what has been and what will be

Let the new world bring peace ,prosperity, health and a nice cup of tea

Let things grow, let us all blossom

Start cooking your pancakes and toss-um

I end this poem with a wish of good will

Read it well, but don’t forget your pill.

Love to you all