Here at Leeds Jewish Housing Association, we care for a number of elderly residents in our sheltered schemes and understand how trips and falls are a real danger in later life. If residents do fall, it is not appropriate for us to simply help them back to their feet – it is a task that requires careful consideration, often more than one person and depending on the nature of the individual, some time.

Currently if one of our residents falls, and cannot get up using their own strength, we have to call for an ambulance and wait for the emergency services to arrive. With ambulance waiting times sometimes in excess of 4/5 hours, this means a long and uncomfortable wait for residents that can cause further health conditions and significant distress.

To help, we have now purchased specific automatic lifting equipment and trained all our support team to assess residents and if appropriate aid them back to a standing position ourselves. We think this will be a massive benefit for residents who do not need medical treatment to get help quickly and in a calm, safe and dignified way.

This equipment and training was made possible by the donation we received from the former Donisthorpe Care Home, ensuring its legacy of caring for the elderly in the Jewish Community continues. From this donation, we are also able to install life saving defibrillators in locations across our stock.

The video below shows the reality and simplicity of how we can now help.