As part of wider work to help our residents with the cost of living and the forthcoming challenges, Leeds Jewish Housing Association have produced a booklet as a way of trying to summarize what we feel are the main issues and challenges facing residents.

As a social housing provider, Leeds Jewish Housing Association are acutely aware of the challenges that are facing our residents, and indeed the country as a whole at this time, and the pressures on household incomes. We know that there is lots of information out there to help you manage incomes, whether online or offline, so we have tried to make our information clear and concise.

The booklet contains information on a wide variety of topics, covering fuel advice, money advice and helpful websites. It provides information on local and national sources of support and advice, and reminds you how LJHA staff can help you as part of our commitment to support the welfare of our residents and their families.

The booklet contains various sections;

  • focusing on energy bills,
  • how to help with fuel bills,
  • advice on saving energy, and being more energy-efficient.
  • financial advice and assistance.

LJHA are also committed to looking after the climate and so this booklet also aims to offer advice on looking after the environment as well as looking after money. We recognize that it shouldn’t be a choice between heating and eating, so we also include information on ways to reduce costs on food and cooking.

The booklet is designed to offer something for everyone – some things will be more relevant or practical than others depending on where you live and your particular circumstances. The advice and information has been collected from a range of sources, which we feel may be helpful, but it is designed to allow people to think about which information would be most relevant to you.

To access this booklet, you can click on the image above, or click here. Alternatively, hard copies can be obtained from the LJHA office on 0113 320 7777.

For a video explanation of the above from Craig Simons, Director of Operations, here.