Your rent is set in line with Government guidelines which ask housing providers to use a single method. This aims to create a fairer system so customers renting similar homes in the same area will pay a similar rent, whether they rent from a housing association or council. To protect you, the Government has set a maximum amount of increase for any single year. We’ll review rents every April and give you 28 days’ notice in writing before making any changes that will affect your finance.

Payments are due in advance unless other arrangements have been agreed with us.  The rents we collect pay for the services we provide to you.  This section provides details on how rents can be paid, how we can help those who are having problems paying and what happens if it is not paid on time.

When rent is not paid on time the first thing we do is make sure those falling into arrears are receiving any welfare benefits they are entitled to and offer them advice on how to manage their money.  Those who continue to fall behind with payments or ignore our letters, phone calls and visits may be taken to court.

While we don’t want to evict anyone from their home, residents who don’t pay their rent and don’t work with us to sort it out, may find us asking the court to evict them.

Any resident who is having problems paying should contact the Finance Team without delay on 0113 320 7777.

There are a number of different ways for residents to pay.

  • Direct Debit
    This is the most convenient way to pay on a regular basis.  Payments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and on any working day.
  • Office
    By calling into our Stonegate Way Reception at Queenshill Avenue and paying our Finance department directly.
  • By post
    By sending a cheque, postal order or money order to LJHA with your name, address and rent reference number written clearly on the back.


We are responsible for maintaining buildings and looking after the shared areas in and around our homes. Residents are required to contribute to the actual cost of providing these services through a service charge.

Residents are charged only for the services provided.  We do not make a profit on these services and we work hard to ensure that the charges are reasonable and represent value for money.
Some tenancies involve a charge for services.  This is for services in schemes or estates which are not covered by the rent and include:

  • Door entry-phones.
  • Gardening in communal areas.
  • Lighting in communal areas.
  • Communal TV aerials.

We review service charges once a year, with changes taking place in April when rents are reviewed. You will be informed by the Finance department in plenty of time before any changes are made.

The information used to calculate the charge is taken from the statement of actual accounts and is based on the actual costs incurred in the previous 12 months January to December. In February/March time each year we send you a letter advising you of your rent increase from 1 April and this includes details of your Service Charge for the forthcoming year.

For those receiving Housing Benefit, their payments will usually include the charges for communal services.

However, Housing Benefit will not cover charges for services to individual homes such as heating, hot water, lighting and water charges.  Payments for these services will need to be paid separately to the utility company.


Support Charges refers to charges made for the Housing Support Service. If you live in accommodation designated for people over the age of 55 or Sheltered Accommodation you will receive the services of our Housing Support Workers.

The charges for the service vary according to the scheme you live in. If you are in receipt of housing benefit then the cost of the housing support service is likely to be covered for the day time support. However, the charge for night time support (or on call support) is not likely to be covered by housing benefit. LJHA staff will be able to provide you with more information about any housing or welfare benefits you may be entitled to.

The table below shows the current weekly support charge rates.

Cherry Tree House £19.15 per week (Day Support Charge) £11.30 per week per person (Night Support Charge £30.45 (Total Support Charge)
Stonegate Way £19.15 per week £11.30 per week (per person) £30.45 per week
Skyte House £19.15 per week £11.30 per week (per person) £30.45 per week
Sheila Saunders Lawn £19.15 per week £11.30 per week (per person) £30.45 per week
Bentcliffe Court £10.75 per week   £10.75 per week
Green Park £10.75 per week   £10.75 per week
Burton House £10.75 per week   £10.75 per week
Lady Park Court £10.75 per week   £10.75 per week


Financial Inclusion is a key priority for us – this is more important than ever with the introduction of welfare benefit changes.  Whilst we don’t provide direct benefit or debt advice our finance department can offer support to help you to access financial services and ensure you are claiming your full benefit entitlement.

We offer a range of support to help people who may be struggling to pay their rent.  We can assist you to take control of your finances, deal with debt, save money and access further support.

Alternatively you can contact the Welfare Rights Team at Leeds City Council on 0113 3760452 or by e-mail on [email protected].

Their office hours are Monday to Wednesday 9am to 4:30pm, Thursday 9am to 3:30pm, and Friday 9am to 4pm.

You can also get advice about individual benefits and tax credits from the GOV.UK website. You may also want to use the HM Revenue and Customs Tax credits calculator.

For information on affordable loans and competitive savings plans go to the Leeds City Credit Union website. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​