This section of our website provides you will all the information you need to know about your tenancy. We understand that every property we manage is someone’s home and we aim to provide a service that meets the needs of all tenants.

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Whether you are an applicant, a new tenant or have lived in your home for many years, you can find a range of information here including:

  • Information to help you understand and maintain your tenancy.
  • How you can pay your rent.
  • Financial advice and support to help you manage your money and how we promote financial inclusion.

Here we cover the various aspects of what goes into making your tenancy long-lasting and worthwhile. From the support we offer to paying your rent to assisting with neighbour disputes.

Sheltered Housing

There are numerous advantages to living in one of LJHA’s sheltered properties, amongst them is the opportunity to live in a property that meets your specific requirements, whether that be the need to have a wet room to not feeling confident of climbing your stairs anymore. Whatever your mobility issues, LJHA will work with you to ensure that your sheltered property works for you. LJHA’s Queenshill Sheltered is also in the unique position of being in close proximity to the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Community Centre, offering not just meaningful activities but also a range of meal options and or the ability to just sit and chat over a coffee with your friends.

Each communal lounge within our sheltered properties has a programme of events ensuring that we are doing everything we can to overcome isolation and loneliness. All of our sheltered properties are supported by our Housing Support Worker Team.

LJHA do not provide social care to our tenants, any day to day care needs must be arranged with an external care provider who will visit you in your LJHA home.

To learn more click here to go to Tenancy Support.

General Needs

Our Housing Team is on hand during office hours to deal with any issues that our general needs tenants might have. They handle everything from the application process, answering questions, resolving disputes, financial and tenancy support, to event organisation for general needs tenants. We have regular updates on what we have coming up for general needs tenants on our Facebook and Twitter pages which can be found on the Contact LJHA page.

Our Housing Team can support our general needs tenants with applying for and maintaining benefits to ensure they are receiving their entitlement; support if you are having difficulties managing your finances and struggling to pay your rent and support to manage any neighbour disputes.

Our Housing Team can assist tenants to refer to other services and agencies that can provide more specialist support should they need it.

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If you are here to see more information on rents, benefits and more, see the finance information page.

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