Nurture Landscapes are our gardening contractors.

During the main season (March to c.November), you can find out when the Nurture team will be on site by viewing their timetable. We will also update residents on social media and via communal noticeboards where these exist.

Please note that each site will be visited every 2 weeks in a particular order – this is dependent upon both the weather and any unanticipated delays at a particular site.

Performance and Satisfaction

There are two ways in which we will be making sure that resident can express their opinions on the gardeners.

We also carry out periodical gardening satisfaction questionnaires, where you can tell us what you think about the quality of gardening at the moment. We will ask you the same set of questions every months so that we can see whether your views have changed.

There are a list of key performance indicators, covering monthly checks and quality standards.

Monthly checks include:

  • Grass Cut to max height of 50mm
  • Area should be free of litter after each visit
  • 90% free of weeds and saplings
  • Communal areas 90% free of weeds
  • Communal areas free of leaves and debris

Our quality standards include:

  • Number of complaints as per LJHA Complaints Policy definition
  • Monthly client joint site visit and report against maintenance schedule
  • Annual visit to meet residents at each site
  • A communications book to sign in and allow residents to add notes
  • Service reports with pictures and arrival and departure times

Resident Representatives

We are looking for representatives from each block or street to help us monitor how well Nurture are performing. This will include walkabouts around where you live, as well as feeding back anything that your neighbours tell you.

Abi Frankland, our Compliance Officer, is taking the lead on gardening services satisfaction.

If you would be interested in being a Resident Representative, please contact Abi at [email protected] or via the LJHA office on 0113 320 7777.

Please let us know if you would like more information on the services provided by Nurture, or on performance and satisfaction monitoring.