This section of our website provides information on consultations relating to Phase 2 of Leeds Jewish Housing Association’s regeneration plans.

In August 2020, we undertook resident satisfaction surveys. Some of the feedback we received included a feeling from many residents that we need to focus on providing more homes for families, rather than on sheltered homes specifically for older people.

Having explored all the options, if we were to build family houses the only piece of land that would be viable would be the middle area of the Queenshill estate, what can be termed the ‘island’. This area is marked in yellow on the map below – the existing Queenshill Development is shown in white.

Island Map

We are committed to ensuring that we engage with, inform and involve affected residents at all stages of our regeneration process, and as early as possible. In line with our Resident Involvement Policy, we will:

  • Listen to what our residents are telling us about the effect of regeneration on them
  • Ensure residents are empowered to engage effectively with LJHA on behalf of themselves, their families and the wider community.
  • Ensure residents have a strong voice and can influence key decisions relating to the development.
  • Make sure engagement is planned, monitored and measurable with clear outcomes.
  • Clearly explain LJHA’s goals, and the perceived benefits/disadvantages to affected residents and other residents in the locality
  • Offer opportunities for our regeneration to be delivered in a way that involves as many residents as possible.
  • Communicate in a variety of formats so make sure that we can engage with as many residents as possible
  • Give clear feedback on how we have acted upon what residents tell us.
  • Allow people to contribute to informal and formal consultations and discussions
  • Publicise meetings, events, and contact points, and have named liaison officers.

Consultation Updates

March 2024

We have submitted a request for planning permission for the site in question to Leeds City Council. These are available to view on Leeds City Council’s website.

You can view these plans at 24/01253/FU | Demolition of existing flats, erection of 28 replacement dwellings with associated landscaping, drainage, parking and highways works | Queenshill Drive / Queenshill Avenue Leeds LS17 6BE. If you do not have access to the internet, please let us know and we can arrange an appointment for you to visit the LJHA offices to view the plans online. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the LJHA office.

January 2024

Following the meeting of the LJHA Board on 28th November, we are proceeding with plans to develop the ‘Island’ site between Queenshill Avenue and Queenshill Drive with a view to building much-needed family homes.
No plans have been submitted as yet, but we are commencing this process now as planning approval can take some time. Developing this area would not affect budgets for planned works to other properties, or for major works or day-to-day repairs.
A consultation event is being held on Thursday 25th January, providing an opportunity to give views on the proposed development work.

November 2023

Our initial plan was paused due to the fact that Government funding that was previously available was no longer obtainable. Due to another change in this funding criteria, it is now possible to apply for this funding, and as a result of this, we have begun consultation with those residents who will be affected. At the time of writing, no plans have been submitted and no funding has been obtained. If we were to develop this area, this would not take any money away or delay any planned works to other properties e.g. kitchen, bathroom replacements. Any development would involve government funding and borrowing which would not affect the budgets we have already allocated for major works or day-to-day repairs.

Following consultation, two summary reports were produced, which will inform the LJHA Board’s decision as to whether to go ahead with the next stage of consultation. Of the 40 residents who would be affected, 88% are in favour, and 90% of the wider general needs community are in favour of us building new family homes.

You can view the two consultations below:

Consultation with affected residents

Consultation with wider residents

The Board approved the next stage of our development at their meeting on 28th November.

January 2022

Following a recent Board meeting relating to the potential development of new homes, LJHA made applications for alternative funding, unfortunately this has not come to fruition.  LJHA will continue to apply for planning, in the hope that this is agreed and then we can again try for funding at a later date. With plans in place, if funding is available we will then be able to proceed.

August/September 2021

Following negotiating with the government for funding for this potential development, the criteria for funding changed which means that this scheme no longer fits their specific criteria for funding of social housing. What this means is that we are now looking at other sources of funding, including charitable funding and local government funding.

Resident opinion took one of three forms:

  1. Those who were disappointed as they had been excited about the future.
  2. Those who were happy and relieved, having been against the proposal and/or moving out of their current home.
  3. Those who appreciated the update, but didn’t particularly express a view on what this meant for their own particular situation.

April 2021

There was a further consultation exercise between the end of March and the middle of April to gather further opinion from residents on future regeneration work in the ‘island’ area, which focused on a basic, outline design of the proposed site, drawn up by an architect.  All residents received a plan of the site in question, alongside explanatory notes, and were invited to share their views.

  • A majority of the cohort who would need to leave their current homes, are still in favour of LJHA developing new homes. This should inform the future direction of travel towards possible planning permission.
  • As mentioned in the earlier phase of consultation, environmental and green space considerations need to be adequately considered, such as the need for private gardens.
  • Single residents expressed concerns about the implications of a communal block, notably in terms of private space. This should be considered as part of design options.
  • Consideration needs to be given to the needs of residents who might need to vacate their properties, but who may have financial barriers to doing so.
  • LJHA should continue to engage with residents on a one-to-one basis to obtain opinion.
  • LJHA should ensure that the voices of relevant members of the wider resident community, notably those who live in newer homes and whose homes border the area under consideration.

March 2021

On 24th March, the LJHA Board were presented with the findings from our consultation. In short, these were:

• A majority of residents are in favour of LJHA developing new homes.

• There should be a mixed housing stock of apartments and family homes.

• Any design and planning options must ensure that environmental/green space considerations are considered, as well as parking and congestion issues.

The Board have now agreed to us proceeding to the next stage of consultation, which focuses on a basic, outline design of the proposed site, drawn up by an architect.

Members of the wider community can participate in the consultation via a short online survey via this link

February 2021

We have now completed face-to-face and/or phone consultations with residents currently living in the area. These will be written up into a summary report, which will be discussed by the LJHA Management Team.

Late-January 2021:

We have written to those LJHA residents currently living in the area being discussed. These have been followed up with one-to-one phonecalls or meetings.

We have also written to the wider general needs and sheltered community, including an opportunity to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire asks whether we should build more properties; whether these should be apartments for all, family houses or sheltered apartments; whether the proposed location is right; and any additional comments.

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the development can be found here