Building Homes for Our Families: Securing a Future for Our Community

This year marks 70 years of Jewish housing in Leeds, a truly remarkable achievement for our community.

Over the past 3 years, LJHA have completed the biggest development in its 70-year history, building 85 flats for both younger and older members of our community. The final piece of the jigsaw is to create 28 homes for families to grow and flourish.

LJHA has been working for 70 years to enable every Jewish family to have a home within our community. Throughout this time, we have never asked for the community to financially support our work.

Our community is in dire need of family housing. For families that want to live within the Jewish community it is becoming increasingly difficult due to the high property prices in North Leeds.

Facts and Figures

  • The waiting time for a social housing family home is 10-15 years
  • To rent a 3-bed semi from a private landlord starts at £1,200 per month. To buy a 3-bed semi ranges from £315,000-£525,000
  • Average Leeds salary is £37,000 (mortgageable value of £200,000)
  • Of our 550 homes, only 37 of them are family homes (3 and 4-bed houses)
  • No LJHA 3-bed home has become available in 3 years, so families joining our waiting list now would wait at least a decade for a home.

No one should be away from their community and heritage just because of rent.

With your support, this year, we want to build 28 family homes on the Queenshill site. We need you to give as much as you can today. You can spread your giving over the year if it helps, but please give responsibly to this once in a lifetime capital development. To raise the full amount, we are also applying for grants and match-funding.

LJHA plans to always be here for our community because all Jewish families need to have access to Jewish life in Leeds. If you share this vision, now is the time to make a donation.

Every donation matters, but please try and give generously.

The impact of your donation

You can find further information relating to our appeal, as well as an architect’s impression of the family homes, by clicking this link.

You can view the individual stories of how LJHA has made an impact on the lives of so many people on our YouTube channel.