The Queenshill Beginners Bootcamp is up and running – every Thursday at 5:30pm. More info below:

Beginners Bootcamp v2

When and where?

It’s on your doorstep! The grassed area of Queenshill Avenue (opposite Skyte House) is where the bootcamp will be held at 5:30pm every Thursday excluding 1st June.

Who can attend?

Anybody over the age of 16 can attend, and if you’re an LJHA tenant it’s free. Want to bring a friend who isn’t an LJHA tenant? It’s only £2!

What will I need?

The bootcamp is free and water will be provided, all you will want to bring is a small towel and wear loose clothing perfect for excercising in.

Complete the form and you’re ready to go

You must complete a Personal Assessment Readiness Questionnaire before you can participate, we’re handing them out in our new reception, but we can also send you one, just call Danielle on 0113 320 7777 or email [email protected] and ask for a form.

Want to complete the form online?

You can click here to complete the questionnaire online!