At LJHA, we see that the availability of affordable housing is a huge challenge, not only within our own community in North Leeds but also nationally.  Recent government policy to address this has been focused with the introduction of a tremendous opportunity of grant funding for those housing associations who can build the extra homes the country needs.  This challenge to build by government and demand for more housing by our own community has led us to review our strategic values, vision and goals looking forward over the next 5 years to 2027.

Given the historic and community focused nature for our business, our values remain the same, but we have added to our vision the explicit statement that we want to ‘build and acquire more homes for the Jewish Community’.

Our Vision

To be an exceptional Housing Association providing quality affordable homes, whilst making a positive impact and contributing towards a thriving Jewish community, for both young and old.

Mission Statement

To continuously improve Leeds Jewish Housing Association, in conjunction with our residents, focusing on providing affordable homes, quality services and support for all ages.

Our Strategic Aims 2022-2027

We have developed 5 strategic aims that will guide LJHA over the coming years, namely:

  • Enhancing our Existing Homes

  • Our Plan for the Future – Asset Management
  • Relationships and engagement

  • Development and Growth

  • Environmental Footprint

You can view our Organisational Strategy here.